Bedroom Colour Combinations

Colour Combinations for Bedrooms

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There’s nothing we love more than getting home from work after a long day and going straight into the bedroom to slip on our comfy’s.

We believe that you must have a bedroom that promotes relaxation and comfort at any time throughout the year which is why we have come up with our favourite colour combinations for every season.



Inject a softer colour scheme this spring by mixing a multi-tone light pink pallette with vibrant white. There is nothing better than having a spring clean and these colours will make you feel like you have done just that. Use a pink and white textured wallpaper on a feature wall and then add different shades of pink throughout the rest of your interior.

Light and darker, dusty pink colours work well together and if you want to add a touch of glamour, add silver and grey throws into the mix. Silver will be a good coordinate to dress your windows. Adding a white curtain pole with silver or grey fabric will really draw attention you your windows both from the inside and out.


Summer is our favourite time of the year because it gives us the opportunity to experiment with floral designs.

This year will be slightly different though because patterned plants are in. Using colours such as earthy green, tropical orange, indigo blue and vibrant yellow will really set your bedroom alive. We suggest an indigo blue wallpaper along with a tropical print bead spread that engages all the colours listed above together.

Not only will this be a vibrant environment, it will take you back to being sat on a beach on your favourite holiday destination…what more could you need to relax after a hard day at work?


This year you will see lots of warm, opulent colour coordinates that make you feel cosy in your bedroom this Autumn in preparation for winter. We love this years’ Pantone® of the year colour: ultra violet and intend to use it at the back end of the year along with a blend of lighter purples and greys. To finish the look off we plan on using a touch of black to link the colours together.

Ultra violet is a very bold colour, so we suggest using this on your walls as the main feature within your bedroom. Once you have your core colour build the other colours in using a range of textures and shades which will give your bedroom a cosy feel – meaning all that’s left to do is come home and snuggle in.


Unleash your dark side by trying moody dusty blues and white pallets. Tailored to a timeless, cosy on-trend look which will create an immediate calm environment as soon as you enter your bedroom.

Coordinate blue and white colour schemes by including grey to add interest to the bedroom. Use statement pieces such as curtains, rugs and pillows to really bring out the colours you have chosen. We love these silver and grey cushions from Made.

Inky blues are very in-style this winter and are set to continue throughout the year so choosing these colours will be the perfect contemporary combinations for 2018.

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