Carpet for stairs

Laying quality carpet on stairs. What you need to know

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Carpets protect your stairs from wear and tear and can help to prevent slips and falls in what could be a high risk zone within your home. Not only do you want your stairs to look great but you need the carpet to last so that you don’t have to change it regularly. As your hallway and stairs see some …

Design scheme for living room

How to create a design scheme for your living room

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Creating a luxury space within your home that’s unique to you and your family is an exciting task and one which should be thought out thoroughly. Getting it right includes considering many factors which you may not have thought about, so we’re here to give you a helping hand with a list of things you can do to create the …

Decorating ideas for children's bedrooms

Decorating ideas for children’s’ bedrooms

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Redesigning your children’s bedrooms can only mean on thing – MAYHEM. From them wanting to get involved to the cost and all the while still trying to make your home look stylish is often a challenge most parents dread. However, with a little help and some decorating hacks we can make the process much smoother for all involved. So, where …

Different types of blinds

Different types of blinds and their uses

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Blinds are a great way of controlling light into your interiors; they offer a range of designs and styles to suit all tastes. Whether you are looking to enhance you living space with stylish new blinds or create a specific look for your home, you must consider all the types of blinds to ensure you make the right decision. We …

Tips for small spaces and large spaces

Top tips for decorating small and large spaces

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There is nothing more frustrating than trying to create the perfect balance when you have a small or a large space to fill in your home. Here at Brookside we have come up with some top tips to create the perfect combination between cosy and comforting. Small Spaces It’s not always easy to find a balance between cosy and cramped …

Rol lite Motorised Blinds

The Rol-lite blinds motorised range

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Window blinds have been around in the UK since 1796 to block out light from rooms and have since become so advanced that you can now buy motorised blinds which are extremely convenient. Here are five reasons why the Rol-lite blinds could have a positive impact in your home. Motorised blinds can be operated via a wall control panel or …

What is Natural Flooring?

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The interior fashion of natural flooring dates back for centuries and is always in fashion. Dependant on the manufacturer of course, this flooring is economically friendly, hardwearing and sustainable to cope with the daily foot fall of any home. With so many different types of natural flooring to choose from it can often be a challenge to know what’s what …

Match Poles and Tracks

How to match poles with curtains

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Curtains can feature prominently in pretty much every room in the home. From the bedroom, living room, study, and kitchen – even bathrooms have are turning to curtain decor. The colours, patterns and styles you choose is essential. However, curtains are actually quite complex – with different lengths, ways to hang them, styles, tracks and poles – where do you …

Choosing a rug

Choosing a Rug

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When choosing a rug, size is as critical as colour, and texture. Rugs can be a significant investment, and therefore it is important to consider the size and the room you are using it for before you get in to the design details. Although, it is usually the design details that will capture the eye! Our consultants here at Brookside …

Using Blinds

Choosing The Right Blinds

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The use of blinds has remained popular since humans created windows! From the early wooden shutters, to the contemporary slatted wooden blind – a way to block out sunlight, or create privacy, and yet let in air, has remained in the domain of the blind. Of course blinds can be fabric, slatted, corded, venetian, roller or Roman. The choice is …