Accessories for living spaces

Gorgeous accessories that will help your living room really stand out

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If you’re looking to revamp your living room, there’s no need to redecorate the whole room. Some well chosen accessories can inject some glamour, tie together a design scheme or even just make your living space a bit cosier. Here are some ideas how you can change things up with some gorgeous living room accessories. Rugs A rug can change …

Kitchen Flooring Options

5 Great Kitchen Flooring Options

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It can be tricky choosing a material to use for your kitchen floor. It’s such an important room, it needs to look great, but there are also practical considerations to take into account. With so many kitchen flooring options available, how do you decide what will work best in your home? Vinyl Vinyl has come a long way in the …

Rugs and Runners

Creating style with rugs and runners

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Rugs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with a vast range of colours and patterns to choose from which is why they are a perfect way to add some stylish character to your home. While there is a stylish element to rugs and runners they also come alongside a host of benefits including helping to absorb sound on …

Carpet for stairs

Laying quality carpet on stairs. What you need to know

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Carpets protect your stairs from wear and tear and can help to prevent slips and falls in what could be a high risk zone within your home. Not only do you want your stairs to look great but you need the carpet to last so that you don’t have to change it regularly. As your hallway and stairs see some …

Design scheme for living room

How to create a design scheme for your living room

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Creating a luxury space within your home that’s unique to you and your family is an exciting task and one which should be thought out thoroughly. Getting it right includes considering many factors which you may not have thought about, so we’re here to give you a helping hand with a list of things you can do to create the …

Decorating ideas for children's bedrooms

Decorating ideas for children’s’ bedrooms

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Redesigning your children’s bedrooms can only mean on thing – MAYHEM. From them wanting to get involved to the cost and all the while still trying to make your home look stylish is often a challenge most parents dread. However, with a little help and some decorating hacks we can make the process much smoother for all involved. So, where …

Small Hallway Ideas

Small Hallway Design Ideas

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Have you ever heard the phrase ‘small homes grow tight families?’ Well, that’s exactly what we believe as we love small spaces and we like to get creative with them too. Discovering how to use space to maximise its fullest potential is fun and easy to do with a little guidance from us here at Brookside. Here, we take you …

Winter Design Ideas

Autumn/ Winter interior design ideas for 2018

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It’s that time of year again when new, cosy, warm and comforting trends start to emerge and we can’t wait to snuggle down and get settled for winter. To get you in the Autumn and Winter spirit we’ve come up with three ways to decorate your home ready for the upcoming festive season of 2018. Rugs On trend this year …

Different types of blinds

Different types of blinds and their uses

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Blinds are a great way of controlling light into your interiors; they offer a range of designs and styles to suit all tastes. Whether you are looking to enhance you living space with stylish new blinds or create a specific look for your home, you must consider all the types of blinds to ensure you make the right decision. We …

Decorating Bathroom

What to consider when decorating your bathroom

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There is usually a list as long as your arm of things to consider when you are looking to update your bathroom. Knowing what you want is the key to making sure your bathroom looks great so make sure you do lots of research on Pinterest and reading magazines before you buy. To make your list simple we have put …