The Perfect Christmas Tree

The Perfect Christmas Tree

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It’s December, which means you officially have permission to put up your Christmas tree. Perhaps you will dig out an old, artificial one from the loft or you’ll splash out on a real one. The perfect Christmas tree will be the centrepiece of your seasonal festivities, and is probably the most important Christmas decoration to get right.

The Perfect Tree

When picking your tree, you should always remember to get one that fits the space you have available, so get your measuring tapes at the ready. And remember, if you are getting a real tree then don’t put it near a radiator, because this can dry the tree out and cause the needles to turn brown and drop off.

Getting Your Trees Best Side

Why is it that Christmas trees always seem to have a best side? Whatever the reason is, give your tree a good twirl to see which branches are looking most attractive; that’s the side you’ll want facing the room. If your tree seems a bit sparse or unbalanced, tinsel is a good solution to drape across and fill the spaces. Don’t forget that on artificial trees you can usually spread out the branches.

Choose Your Colours

Using two main colours on your Christmas tree works well. A fairly typical choice is red and gold, but the choice really is yours. Don’t be afraid to try random combinations, even if it goes against the grain. Of course, spread your decorations evenly so that the tree looks good from all angles; don’t clutter your tree and exercise a little restraint when it comes twinkly lights. Simple is usually most effective.

Christmas is a time for friends and family. Make it personal by adding unique decorations that mean something to you. You can make your own Christmas star to sit atop the tree, perhaps. Personal Christmas decorations will help make Christmas with the family extra special.

Talk to us about anything Christmassy and we are all ears! We want to hear about your favourite Christmas decorations, your colour combinations and festive habits!

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