Interior Design Trends 2018

Interior Design Trends 2018

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Now is the time to begin planning out for interior themes for 2018. Not every room in the house needs a makeover, but you probably have a bedroom that needs sprucing up or a bathroom that needs some attention. Take some inspiration from our thoughts on how to pick ‘n’ mix some great styles for 2018.

Mix greens and greys

Whites and magnolias are becoming a little tired and dated. Those colours are beginning to feel a little cold and unwelcoming. Instead, we need to look for other colours to provide the neutral backdrop to express the details that help bring a room to life. Enter the green-grey palette. This spectrum of colour provides a wonderful chalky, earthy colour scheme with which to build a room around. Dark greys have been popular for a little while now, but adding greens in to that grey spectrum, adds interest and a little soft vibrancy. Look for paints describing colours of sage, storms, gardens, olives, sea salt, lakes and forests.

Greey Grey

Layered textures

We often use texture in our homes to create interest. But layering those textures can help us to go a step further. Everything from our floors, ceilings, walls, heavy furniture and soft furnishings can make use of textures to create interest at every opportunity. So look for complimenting patterns, striking colours, wallpapers that dazzle and floor coverings that lift a drab space.

Layered Textures

Make use of nature

We often look to bring the outdoors in to our homes by taking flower cuttings or brings scented aromas in to the home. But we can be even more creative by making the basic structures of each room the very essence of nature. Use of green tiles, plants that overcrowd a space, lamp shades of birds and wallpapers that sing nature can help to create canopy of nature in our homes.

Use Nature

Dark furniture and strong colours

It’s true that in some rooms dark furniture can make a room feel a lot smaller, but is that ab ad thing? Some rooms lend themselves to feeling close and snug. And if you have a particularly large room to fill, dark colours and furniture can help to create a space that feels more homely and warm. Strong blues, dark woods, coloured leather sofas and patterned rugs can help to create that cosy library feel.

Dark Room

Going global

Be inspired by places you have been to or heard about. Make use of patterned cushions and rugs from the Middle East, old English furniture and patterned vases from Asia. Being inspired by using furniture and furnishings from around the world can help to tell stories and bring back memories of places you have been to.

Go Global

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