Five relaxing bedroom decorating ideas

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Relaxation to us means you can come home after a long day, put the heating on in winter, snuggle down in bed with a good book.

Whatever relaxation means to you, getting the right decoration in your bedroom is key to helping you create your very own zen.

Here are five tips on keeping your décor cool, calm and collected:

Keep it cosy

Give your bedroom layers upon layers of cosy bedspreads, pillows and throws. Choose a base colour to keep the décor minimal and then enhance the look with a variety of shades using the same colour. We love using grey but if you feel like that’s too cold – blues, greens and purples work well as a base colour with a mixture of tones.

We love these Panapufa extra-large knit blankets to add some comfort within the bedroom. We suggest folding these in half and using them as a throw on the end of your bed to add an extra layer.

Muted floral designs

It can be tricky to get floral designs right within a bedroom as sometimes they can become a little overbearing however, keeping them toned down by using earthy browns, light blue and pinks within the floral design itself. Use this on a feature wall and then use plain white sheets with more muted colours using textured accessories such striped pillows, curtains and throws.

These colours will be sure to transform your bedroom into a relaxing palace made for sleeping.

Pastel colours

The best thing about your bedroom has to be snuggling up under fresh bedding – pastel tones will give you that feeling every time you get into bed. There is nothing fresher than using pastel colours throughout your interiors.

Due to its spring vibes we love pastel shades of teal as it is calm soft and soothing – the perfect combination for relaxation. You don’t even have to just use one colour – create your own pastel pallet with earthy browns, creams and a mixture of teal shades. If you have other colours in mind, do some mood boarding to create your very own pastel pallet.

Purple paradise

This years’ pantone® colour of the year is ultra violet and what a better colour to use to create a relaxing environment to get cosy in.

Enigmatic purples have been symbolic for spirituality and have mystical properties, so much so they are frequently used to associate practices who promote mindfulness such as yoga and meditation.

Purple is great to energiser meaning that the bedroom is the best place for this colour to ensure you completely recharge your batteries.

Declutter your space

We are going to talk about decluttering, and we are not about to give you a lecture on picking up your clothes off the floor…no, we are talking about using minimal decorations and not large clunky bedroom furniture.

Use Scandinavian style bedroom furniture to add a touch of minimalist style to your bedroom. Having less bulky accessories in your bedroom will create an illusion of more space and more room to breathe, giving you the best nights sleep.

Want to know more about how to create a relaxing bedroom at home? Contact us here for further advice. 

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