Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gift ideas for those who love Home

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It’s not surprising if you are struggling for Christmas gift ideas again. Every year, it seems to get harder to find the perfect gift. However, perhaps you’ve noticed that your friend/family member likes to accessorise their home? So, why not join in their fun and buy them something home-related? Here are a few ideas to help you get thinking.

Picture Frames, Portraits And Photos

Have a look around the house of your friend next time you visit. Maybe you’ll see a big occasion – a birthday or anniversary say – that they don’t have a photo of. Or, perhaps you have a great photo memory that you know will make them smile. Remember to pick a photo frame that will go with their décor and taste, but unless you know they like a particular style, keep it simple and neutral.

Cushions And Cushions Covers

It’s probably not worth buying them a whole new set of cushions, that’s something they would rather do themselves. However, do get some smaller scatter cushions that they can present in a way that is sympathetic to their room decor. Personalise the cushions with their favourite animals, patterns or colours that will go with the other cushions. Your aim is to get something that is a small addition to the sofas and chairs, that compliments the furniture they already have.

Door Mats

It doesn’t sound very exciting, but it is the first thing that a visitor walks on when they enter the house! They can easily become worn down and there are so many colourful and stylish varieties to choose from. A new door mat can be a practical and personalised gift that they will love. There are so many mats to choose from – quotes, colours, shapes and patterns – pick one you know they’ll like, but that they also won’t be too embarrassed to put by their door.

Plant Pots And Flower Vases

This is a safe one, but often overlooked. Pick up a nice vase or pot or vase, maybe even pick them up some plants or flowers to go in them. If you notice that they don’t have any vases around, maybe you’ll see one that you know they will love. Pots and vases are a useful gift as they can use them all year round and they bring lovely colour and texture to any room.

Just remember the gift is something ‘small’. You aren’t redesigning their home, so try to choose a gift that adds a little something to their home. Have a flick through our portfolio of work we’ve done for customers, even if it is to have a nose around their home!

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