Christmas Design Ideas

Christmas Design Ideas

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We love Christmas. Let’s not pretend like we don’t. At Brookside, we’d have more Christmas days if we could. But it’s not just the one day that we love. We love the long run-up and the preparation for Christmas – doing the shopping, getting the tree, sorting out family preparations and mostly, we love decorating the house!

So, here are the top 5 things you should get right to help create some wonderful festive cheer in your home.

The Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

The pinnacle and centre point of any Christmas festivities is the Christmas tree. So, what colour schemes do you choose? This is all about personal preference and taste. You, broadly, have two options. Firstly, you can go for a classy, colour-coordinated look. Alternatively, you could throw everything on the Christmas tree and make it rugged, rustic and meaningful.

The colour-coordinated look is all about colour combinations. The classic red and gold is always a winner; but how about blending browns and oranges in? Those colours can be associated with the Christmas pudding and the chocolate sweets, so they will work. Use beads and pine cones to decorate. Alternatively, you can also try a blue and silver scheme for that frosty, snowy Christmas feel. This scheme lends itself to sparkles and glitz. Here you’re better off using snow flakes and icicles!

If you’re going for the throw-it-all-on look then really anything is possible. This is a great way to get the kids involved in decorating the Christmas tree. We’re thinking tinsel, fading twinkle lights, random decorations and plenty of Christmas cheer. The wackier, the better!

Interior Christmas Decorations

Christmas Interior Decorations

Your interior Christmas decorations will depend to some extent on your interior design scheme. If you have a fairly blank canvas of neutral colours, any Christmas colour scheme you choose will work well. But if you have patterned wallpaper or striking interior features, make use of what you have. You don’t want to make it complicated and over-powering. This might mean using more neutral, simple Christmas colours. That gives you the freedom to use lots of accessories. Things like snow domes, Father Christmas’ and decorative Christmas wreaths.

You may have grown out of pinning decorations to the ceiling, but we still think using fairy lights is a cheap and effective way of decorating a fireplace or doorway to add a bit of Christmas sparkle.

Exterior Christmas Decorations

Christmas Exterior Decorations

This really depends on how much time, space and inclination you have! There are few things that all of us can do quickly and easily. Things like hanging a wreath on the front door and putting some lights up in our front window. Other activities take a bit more preparation. If you really get in to the festive spirit, you’ll be putting out your illuminating Father Christmas, your light up snowman and plenty of twinkly lights across your guttering. We’d counsel a little bit of restraint here! A few festive items shows the neighbours that you’ll be making minced pies, but you won’t be creating a stable space for Rudolph!

Christmas Fragrances

Christmas Fragrances

As much as we experience Christmas with our eyes, we also enjoy the wonderful fragrances of Christmas! You can find some wonderful scented fragrance bottles and scented candles that bring the smell of Christmas in to our homes. Those spices of cinnamon and nutmeg work wonders here. Don’t forget that cooking brings a lot of those fragrances as well.

If you have a fireplace, get the fire roaring, get the slippers on and find a great Christmas film, too!

Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit

This one is all about you. Stick your Christmas jumper on. Make mulled wine. Dig out your recipes for minced pies. Put your favourite Christmas film on. Wrap your presents with a good glass of sherry next to you. Whatever Christmas is to you, get in the spirit of it and enjoy it. Your energy and vibrance will paint Christmas all over your home. We have plenty of the year without Christmas, and enjoying a few weeks of the year with a bit of festive cheer will make it a good one.

We love Christmas at Brookside. If you start a conversation with us about Christmas, we are listening!

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