Which designer wallpaper brands should you think about?

Laura Bellamy Uncategorized

Are you always wondering how you could create the perfect look for your home, one you have always dreamed of using the most exclusive designer items and accessories? Most of you will answer this question with a yes, but have never had the opportunity in case it breaks the bank.

Well, a handy tip here is to make a statement using designer wallpaper which will deliver a unique, designer feature within your home and one that won’t break the bank…too much anyway.

Why not choose one of these exclusive designer wallpaper options which will give you a sense of luxury throughout your home.


This bold designer is the editor of not just wallpaper but fabrics too. This designer is renowned for innovate, luminous and high quality products which aims to deliver a modern but bright atmosphere within its unique range of luxury products for walls and windows.

The Casadeco wallpaper designs are well known for designing on trend new ideas, while interpreting worldwide trends to create original and dream like-collections.


Harlequin has embraced their rich heritage in designer wallpaper and are well known for producing high quality wallpapers full of contemporary and quality designs which are full of colour.

Choosing the Harlequin wallpaper range from Brookside will add a touch of individuality to your home with a wallpaper choice which allows you to express your own personal style.

Osborne and Little

Osborne and Little is one of the most recognisable names in fabric and wallpaper designs across the globe.

This international company boasts an award-winning collection of exciting hand-printed wallpaper which has devoured millions of homes across the world.

Osborne and Little has a strong reputation for innovation and quality which is inspired and energetic and creates a constant stream of new and on-trend collections so there is always something for every taste.

Nina Campbell

Taking inspiration from Italy, France and England – this design palette enable you to marry designs from an array of its different collections.

Take one of Nina Campbell’s featured wall paper options to make any of your living spaces vibrant and unique.


Villanova wallpaper is a selection of unique wallcoverings which take you on a journey. Whether you are creative an exciting adventure room for a child or creating an outdoor zen inside, Villanova has something for everyone.

From beautiful floral designs to childrens wallpaper and imprints wallcoverings you won’t be stuck for choice on creating the perfect and unique look for your home.

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