Made to measure blinds the key points

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Blinds are an amazing way of controlling the light that comes in and out of your living areas. They can also offer a touch of style if added to your home in the right way which is often nice on cosy nights in when the weather is dark and gloomy outside.

Made to measure blinds are always a great option to ensure your home looks sleek and organised. There are many benefits of having made to measure blinds within your living space including:

  • Providing a better fit than ones bought in a homeware shop
  • You can choose from a broad range of fabrics with more colour options and designs available to you
  • Not many people will be aware of this but there are many options for lining which will allow your blinds to suit any budget. Most ready-made blinds do not offer this as an option however, made to measure blinds give you the opportunity to choose a blackout material if you want to ensure your room is in full darkness while you sleep.

There are lots of blind types and styles to choose from but when it comes to measuring what you need it can often be a little challenging.

Here’s some of our top tips on how to get the best measurement from your blinds.

Step one

Start by measuring the window width at the top middle and bottom. The reason we do three measurements is because sometimes the window can go wider towards the bottom and we need to ensure that it all matches up correctly so that you don’t order the wrong blind.

Step two

After taking these measurements, use the narrowest width and be sure not to take any deductions – the factory making the blinds already takes into consideration the headrail and mounting brackets.

Step three

Now start to measure the height. Measure this by taking the size for the height at the left side, in the middle and to the right side.

Step four

Use the longest height available to you and again don’t make any deductions because as explained above the factory will already take into consideration any areas which will become a deduction to the blind.

As there are many different types of blinds often the way in which they are measured can be very different. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you ask the shop you are buying the blinds from to come to your home and measure the window space for you.

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