Keep the warmth in with curtains

Lisa Scott Uncategorized

The cold weather is setting in and there appears to be no end to the rain. As we say goodbye to the crisp autumn weather and start to welcome in winter, it’s time to start making your home cosy and warm.

Whilst you may be tempted to turn the thermostat up a few more degrees, have you thought about using your curtains to make your room feel warmer?

We explain how a new pair of curtains might just be your answer to owning a warmer home.

Choosing your fabric

Not all curtains fabrics are suitable for keeping the cold out. Fabrics that are lightweight, such as linen, lace or sheer cotton are loosely woven and allow cooler air to enter the room. You might want to think about choosing a heavyweight, tighten woven fabric such as velvet, tweed or even suede to act as a barrier between the window and your room.

There are lots of different patterns to choose from these days, whether you are looking for something traditional or modern, we offer a wide range of styles and colours.

Thermal curtains

Keep the winter chill out by investing in some thermal curtains. They are designed to effectively block the cold air from creeping through from the window. They are made using four separate layers and are constructed using a core layer of high density foam to stop the cooler air coming indoors as well as stopping the warm air within the room escaping. They also include a reflective film layer, which helps to deflect heat back into the room.


You should dress your windows the same way you would dress yourself in winter…by using layers!  By understanding how to use layers, you not only create a decorative and attractive window feature but you can ensure you are keeping the heat in.

To achieve this, why not install some blinds. They don’t have to be expensive but when they are closed along with a pair of curtains, they add an extra layer to stop the cooler air coming in.

If blinds are not your thing, why not try insulation film? This is a very thin film that you place over your glass window. It is a peel and stick system which works well on larger and older windows to add an extra layer to keeping out the cold.

Shutting out the cold

It’s no secret that warm air escapes from your home through the windows and you will certainly know about this if you own an older house with non glazed windows. If you’ve got curtains, close them before darkness falls or even whilst you are out at work during the day. This will ensure that the warm air circulates the room and keeps the heat inside where it should be.

If you would like further advice on how to use curtains to keep your home warmer, why not pop down to our showroom where we can show you samples of fabrics and curtains we have to offer.