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Interior Trends for Autumn/Winter 2019

Lisa Scott Uncategorized

Summer is over and the seasons are changing. With the weather taking on a chillier feel, this year will see a trend for dark colours, cosy interiors and a retro feel. Here are a few of the hottest trends set for this autumn and winter.

Dark and bold

The days of being subtle and muted are well and truly over. When the dark evenings loom and the rain sets in, it is welcoming to step into a room that is full of bright and fun colours. Brightly coloured velvet sofas, boldcushions mixed with highly decorative accessories are all part of the colour revolution that you should embrace within your home this autumn.

If bold isn’t really you thing, you could try a more subtle colour scheme on the walls, mixed with a bright statement chair or daring decorative accessories.

Keep it natural

If you’re not a fan of big bold colours then why not try an elegant and sophisticated neutral palette which can enhance your sense of space and light especially in a smaller home. Try using a mixture of oatmeal tones and pair it with warm pinks and rust tones so that it doesn’t look too bland.

Wooden accessories such as photo frames, lamps and tables go perfectly with this colour scheme and can create a Scandinavian feel to your home. Add a splash of colour with a few plants dotted around or delicate pictures and you can create a tranquil haven.


Majestic warm copper and bronze colour shades can add a modern touch to any home. However, sometimes this can give an industrial feel which in an older house may not be the look you are aiming for. Combining metallic colours with some red, brown or even neutral hues can create inspiring colour combinations.

By mixing cool metallics with warmer colours, this can form an expensive interior design. Spice it up by using terra cotta, red and orange shades can also create a festive effect which is perfect for this time of year.

Go retro

Retro-inspired interiors and living spaces are making a bit of comeback this year. With bold colours including peacock blue’s and luxurious gold’s mixed with retro furniture, now is the time to introduce a hint of retro charm into your living room. While most often modern homeowners seem to relegate vintage styles and retro patterns to the kitchen, it is time to think beyond the obvious. Chic and fashionable, simple retro decor can often make a big difference to the ambiance of any living space.

Purple Reigns

Jewel shades have taken the spotlight throughout this year, but autumn/winter 2019 aims to see the dramatic tones of purple take to the stage. Whilst this colour can be a little over powering, by choosing a key feature such as a sofa or chair can really add definition to a space in your home. Use a mixture of greys and forest greens around it and you can be sure that your home has a luxurious feel.

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