Accessories for living spaces

Gorgeous accessories that will help your living room really stand out

Laura Bellamy Uncategorized

If you’re looking to revamp your living room, there’s no need to redecorate the whole room. Some well chosen accessories can inject some glamour, tie together a design scheme or even just make your living space a bit cosier. Here are some ideas how you can change things up with some gorgeous living room accessories.


A rug can change the look and feel of room quickly and easily. Today there are a wide range of colours and textures available, from classic rugs to modern, contemporary designs. Rugs are a great way to instantly make a room feel cosier, they are also great if you want to cover up a damaged or stained area of floor. The right rug can effortlessly pull a look or colour scheme together, and is a great way to introduce texture and pattern into a room. If you have an open plan living space, rugs can be used to divide the room into zones.


Curtains are such an important part of a room and, aside from the practical advantages, they can instantly make all the difference to the look and feel of your living space. Like rugs, they are perfect for tying together a design scheme and a great way to add a statement colour or pattern. Curtains can also soften stark spaces and add warmth in the winter. It’s really worth investing in good quality curtains, and don’t forget about the accessories! As well as choosing the fabric, think about how you are going to hang the curtains. The right curtain pole or track, for example, can make all the difference and help to frame the room effectively.

Throws and pillows

Using textiles is so important in your living room, they bring a cosy, homely feel to any room, and can really make a surprisingly big impact when used as accessories. Quite possibly the easiest way to make a change is to use throws and pillows. A throw is a brilliant way to jazz up a tired chair or sofa, while also injecting a bold statement colour or pattern. By changing your pillowcases and throws regularly, you can follow the seasons and trends, and make sure that your living room always looks fresh and current.

Fresh flowers and Plants

Adding a vase of fresh flowers to your living room  makes such a difference. A burst of colour and texture, not to mention the fragrance, instantly makes a room feel so much more cosy and welcoming. You don’t even need to be green fingered to make this work! If you do enjoy growing and taking care of plants, they add a welcome burst of greenery and can help to soften up or hide features that you can’t move.

However you choose to style your living spaces, our interior design team can provide you with choices to help make your home shine.