Choosing the right wallpaper for your room size

Lisa Scott Uncategorized

Wallpaper has made a big come back into interior world and can completely transform a room, even if you plan to keep the same flooring, furniture and accessories. There are plenty of designs, textures, and colours to choose from, that you may find choosing the perfect wallpaper for your room a little overwhelming.

Small spaces

Smaller rooms can be fantastic spaces to try out adventurous decorating ideas and create something spectacular. Most people will shy away from using vivid colours or bold designs in a small space because they fear the effect will be too overpowering. However, if you are careful with your choice of pattern, it can look better displayed on a small wall than spread over a large one. Large print wallpaper designs can work really well in small spaces. The scale you choose depends on your room’s attributes and your overall design scheme.

Larger rooms

If the room is larger, decide if you would like a statement wall, or if you would like something that supports the rest of your accessories within that room. Choose a room that you don’t spend much time in for a louder print to avoid a sense of over power.  In either option, aim for a contrast between the wallpaper and furniture as this is what keeps the style of your space looking fresh.

How will you use the wallpaper in the room?

Next you should  figure out how you plan to use the wallpaper in the room, as all styles don’t work in the same way. Here the most popular options:

Cover all four walls. A classic, simple design on all four walls gives a fresh contemporary look. Large-scale and simple designs will not overwhelm a room but add a trendy twist.

Feature one wall. Choose a dramatic, bold pattern to highlight an area of a room, such as behind a bed or fireplace. Designs with a hint of metallic, sheen or gloss will give a classy, glamorous touch.

Consider your lighting

When choosing your wallpaper, you should also consider your lighting. View the space in day and night time light. If you are feeling hesitant about choosing a big, bold pattern, neutrals are always a classic. You could choose a muted pattern, or calming print to embrace your blank canvas.

Get a sample

Be sure to get a sample of your chosen wallpaper you want to use and hang it on the wall you would like it on. Keep it there for a while so you can get used to it and see how it works within the room. You might find that the print or colour you have chosen doesn’t work as you expected. It is important before spending time and money that you are happy with your chosen wallpaper as it is likely to stay on for many years to come.