Choosing a flooring style that suits a busy family home

Lisa Scott Uncategorized

When choosing flooring for a home, the decision is not always as straightforward as you may think and is especially true when it comes to a multi-purpose family household, when children and pets are involved there is always more to consider, including safety and practicality. 

However, you needn’t sacrifice your dream look for the sake of making your flooring family-friendly. With modern developments in technology, there are now more options than ever available, which offer both style and functionality. 

Here at Brookside, we share our guide to the different types of flooring suitable for a family home. From easy cleaning to cushioning underfoot, we have thought of everything.


Carpets are an obvious choice for most homes, boasting clear safety benefits as carpet is certain to provide a soft landing for any falls or slips. By having a cushioned landing, will bring reassurance and peace of mind when it comes to safety concerns. 

Carpet may not be suitable for communal areas of the family home but we would recommend it for children’s bedrooms. As there are less likely to be food or drink spillages in the bedroom, it is usually a safer bet. Plus, you can opt for a bright, bold colour. Not only will it hide any marks, you can also get away with strong colours in the kids’ bedrooms without disrupting the overall interior design of the rest of your home.

Wooden flooring

If you decide to opt for real wood, this will make a big impact on your home. Not only will it look stunning, it will bring charm and authenticity into the heart of the home, especially if your home is of an older age. However the disadvantage of using it in a family home is that real wood is, unsurprisingly, solid underfoot which may not be great if you have smaller children running about. 

There is always the option to add a rug or runner to not only make the flooring a safer landing should any falls occur, it can also help to brighten up and make a large area look warmer. You can buy special pads to go under such items to avoid the fabric slipping against the wood. 


Laminate is a great and cheaper option for busy family households with plenty of benefits. It is durable with plenty of scratch and stain resistance, making it ideal for rooms like the kitchen and hallway where the floor can get a lot of traffic. No matter if there are spillages, toys dropped or sharp pet claws, a good laminate will stand the test of time. Most laminates these days also come with a minimum of a five year guarantee.


Although very similar to laminate, vinyl has had some bad reputation in the past for looking cheap. However, as technology has progressed, this is no longer the case and today it is one of the most popular choices for flooring due to ease of fitting and cheap cost.

There are a vast range of colours, patterns and effects; you can achieve virtually any look you desire with luxury vinyl flooring. It is also a softer surface, which makes it ideal for catching falling children and it is easy to clean too.

Vinyl is also good in moist environments so is a good choice for the playroom, kitchen or bathroom.

Ultimately the flooring you choose will depend on your own personal needs, requirements and preferences. It is worth bearing in mind the practicality pros and cons of each. If you need further advice, our friendly team are always on hand in store to help.