Decorating Bathroom

What to consider when decorating your bathroom

Laura Bellamy Trends

There is usually a list as long as your arm of things to consider when you are looking to update your bathroom.

Knowing what you want is the key to making sure your bathroom looks great so make sure you do lots of research on Pinterest and reading magazines before you buy.

To make your list simple we have put together the top five things to consider when decorating your bathroom.

Tiles or wallpaper

While relatively low wallpaper and paint costs can make this option when decorating your bathroom cheaper, it isn’t as sustainable and in the long run you will end up having to decorate your home time and time again to keep up with the maintenance that will go alongside painting or wallpapering a bathroom.

This general comes down to the humid environment which tiles are much better to sustain in as you can wipe them down and keep them clean easier due to their non-absorbent material.

Tiles are for us, definitely the way forward when decorating your bathroom. You can also choose from a variety of styles and textures to make your bathroom unique to you.


Blind are always a great option for bathrooms. So that you can maintain your blinds, make sure you choose an option with a waxy finish which will ensure that the blinds are more durable in the room when the shower or bath is running.

There is an array of blind types which will allow you to choose from a range of colours, fabrics and textures.

We suggest roller blinds would be the best fit for a bathroom due to the materials they are made from.


When choosing flooring in a bathroom people often look at carpets or vinyl tiles.

Please keep in mind that although carpets look great they are absorbent and are much more likely to obtain mould if the carpet gets wet which is it is likely to do. There are ways you can prevent this by keeping the windows open or using a bath mat but we believe that luxury vinyl tiles are definitely the best option for flooring within a bathroom.


Accessorising your bathroom is exciting as you can add your own stamp on it. Choosing a colour scheme is your first port of call which will then allow you  to match everything together.

We are in love with gold at the moment, choosing golf finish fixtures such as your toilet roll holder, taps and door handle will really stand out on a blank, Scandinavian canvas.


Make sure you set yourself a realistic budget and stick to it. Bathrooms can be expensive but are still affordable if you budget for exactly what you want.

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