Wallpaper trends that are set to take off 

Laura Bellamy Trends

When choosing wallpaper, it can often be a minefield of different colours, textures and ranges to choose from. Whether you are looking to make a statement with a feature wall or create more of a modern look to your interiors, we have you covered!

Create a statement

Add some character into your home using a feature wall. Feature walls provide a blank canvas to do as you wish, incorporate your favourite colours and design your own personalised haven. They give your home personality and that’s why we love them!

Chimney breasts are an obvious place for a feature wall because the three dimensional shape it creates gives it a clear focal point of the room. The favourites this year so far are tropical prints, stripes and art deco shapes and shades.


Add a touch of timeless luxury to your interiors by adding soft or bold textures to your home. Textures look great in different shades of the same colour or this year, contrast colours are definitely on-trend.

Deliver bold colours together such as black and charcoal or blend white and grey stripes. We are also in love with glamourous art deco textures which set a feature wall alive.

Nordic Nudes

If you want to keep your colour pallets fairly basic take a look at some of our Scandinavian and Nordic designs for inspiration.

You don’t have to keep it all bland, use touches or burnt orange with grey and white and your interiors will stand out above the crowd, creating something edgy and different for summer or autumn 2018.


Be exotic and invite summer into your home with a splash of tropical colour, patterned plants and a range of vibrant coloured birds.

These prints are bold and can be used in a number of rooms to create the perfect paradise for your interiors.


We have discussed industrial styles and looks in more than one of our blogs this year because it is on fire. We love it and we cannot get enough of it – but you probably already knew that.

Try using brick printed wallpaper to encourage that industrial style into your home. Couple this with white fabric curtains and black poles, bleached wood tables with jagged edges. The choices are endless.

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