Man made carpet vs wool

Man Made Carpet vs Wool

Laura Bellamy Trends

Choosing the right carpet has to be one of the first things you do when choosing how to style your home, so it is important to know which one to go for.

The big question is what is the difference between man-made carpet vs wool and natural carpets? Which one should you choose?

We divulge in to both carpet types to give you the pros and cons.

Natural carpets

Natural carpets are made from fibres sourced from natural materials such as wool and a range of exotic plants such as sisal, jute and coir.

Although these fibres may not have as many colours available, they are soft, durable and give you the peace of mind that this carpet type is economically friendly.

Positives – to start with natural carpets are made from renewable resources and are very economically friendly as mentioned above -they are made from wool or exotic plants such as sisal.

Fibres like wool are more hardwiring than those made from manufactured carpets such as polyester and the way they are made means that they are resistant to flattening.

Another pro for natural carpets is that they are better for your health. Due to the fact they contain no man-made chemicals, a lot of people with allergies choose natural carpets because they don’t hold on to dust the way synthetic carpets do.

The beautiful woven designs natural carpets tend to uphold makes them suitable for any home looking for style and durability.

Negatives – natural fibres are extremely difficult to dye, the colours generally come in natural ones such as brown and beige.

Man-made carpets

There are two main types of man-made carpets ones made with nylon and others using polypropylene. Sometimes you may see polyester, but this tends to be used when creating a mixture between natural and man-made carpets.

Made from finer fibres than natural carpets, the manufacturing process used to make man-made carpets makes them resistant to flattening as well as making them feel super soft and cushioning under foot. However, these types of carpets are less durable than those made from natural materials like wool.

Positives – man made carpets are more stain resistant due to the plastic in the fibres, they don’t absorb the liquid quick enough and this is a huge positive. Nylon carpets wear very well and tend to look like-new for longer than some other fibres. Man-made carpets are extremely easy to clean because of the plastic materials they are made from.

Negatives – the fibres used to make mad-made carpets are usually less hard waring than natural fibres and are not as economically friendly to the environment. As mentioned above, these carpets collect dust much quicker leaving people with asthma and allergies much more likely to suffer.

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