Lighting styles to make your home beautiful

Laura Bellamy Trends

What’s more important than light in your home? Whether you want to go for a modern Nordic look or a cute and cosy style we have the tips your need to create the perfect space using light.

Here are our five C’s to creating the perfect ambiance in your home.


If you love contemporary designs for your home, then you have definitely come to the right place for inspiration because we do too.

Don’t just let the lights stand on the floor looking dull or hanging blandly from a ceiling – find unique places to make them stand out and create features. Use a corner to illuminate your room with a floor lamp that has various pendants and lengths, from the floor upwards like the roots of a tree. Another idea is to place one hanging lamp from the side of the room – ideally where the sofa begins or ends.

Our advice is not to place the light fixtures where they are expected. This year, contemporary means different.


To keep your cool, make sure you keep it clean. Blend your lighting by using white on white and let the furniture do the talking. Floor lamps are perfect for this as they are cool, collected and add a subtle elegance to your room.

By adding a white lamp stand against a white wall with a white shade you can let your furniture, accessories and art do the talking. This look is perfect for those who don’t want to run around matching their lampshade with the rest of the interiors.


Keep it cosy and carry on. We love being cosy at home and we suggest our next tip is used in a living room or bedroom for it to be at its most effective.

Three words. Keep. It. Simple – why do you need to over complicate being cosy? The simple answer is, you don’t. Our super tip here is to buy a glass base for your lamp and add a lamp shade in cream, beige, grey or pastel colours to create a comforting light shade that will fit in anywhere.

To compliment the light, add another comfy dimension to your home with different shades of the same colour to your throws, cushions, rugs and curtains to perfect the look.


We love all shades of copper this year including rose gold and metallic colours but choose one carefully and you could create the perfect chic resting space for your home. Add three different shaped pendant lights into any living room or kitchen at different height levels to create a modern, chic look.

We have some insider knowledge that copper is going to be around for some time so make the most of the beautiful, shiny shades while you can.


A new trend within the home for 2018 is vintage lights. Use an industrial twist to not only create a classic look that will keep your home on-trend for years but keep your home looking traditional. We love industrial tripod lamps this year. They do take up some space but due to its shape can be squeezed into tight corners and can make a feature to what may seem like a bare room.

These light fixtures will make your home look clutter free but add texture to the room. Usually in a metal gun grey or black, this feature will be the talking point of any room and keep you in a classic yet modern era.

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