Carpet for stairs

Laying quality carpet on stairs. What you need to know

Laura Bellamy Tips and Advice

Carpets protect your stairs from wear and tear and can help to prevent slips and falls in what could be a high risk zone within your home.

Not only do you want your stairs to look great but you need the carpet to last so that you don’t have to change it regularly. As your hallway and stairs see some of the highest footfall within your living space it’s essential that you know what to look for when buying a quality carpet for this area.

We’ve put together a list of essentials to look for when purchasing the perfect carpet for your stairs.

Heavy domestic carpets

Our first advice would be to look out for carpets that are ‘heavy domestic’ types – one of our dedicated sales team will point these out to you in store. This is because you want to have high durability and these types of carpets can offer you just that. Types of heavy domestic’ carpets which would suite your home include nylon and polyester carpets.

Synthetic materials

Synthetic materials which make up carpet include Nylon, Wool, Polypropylene and Polyester. Looking for carpets made up of these fibres is a must for your hallway. Wool is most certainly the best type of fibre to go for because it is host to a number of benefits which will allow you to really get the best out of your carpet.

Wool feels soft underfoot so your stairs is the perfect place to have this popular type of carpet as it feels great and as it falls under the heavy domestic category you get the best of both worlds. It also boasts having great fibre flexibility, being stain resistant, has the ability to keep in heat and be dyed to any colour requirements. All these benefits of wool don’t just give you the best of two worlds, it gives you the best of many.

Not only is wool great for your home but it’s an organic fibre making it economically friendly and is known as a premium carpet choice across the industry.

Carpet pile

A low, dense pile carpet is probably the least likely to cause any strain on your flooring. It’s great at hiding footprints and vacuum marks and not flattening underfoot due to the fact it bounces back very quickly. Quality carpets use heavier yarns and fibres which have a tight weave and are built to maintain and manage wear and tear over time.