Matching blinds with curtains

Laura Bellamy Seasonal

How would you go about matching blinds with curtains? Brookside Carpets and Curtains offers a collection of curtains and blinds which will allow you to match them together, where they fit best in your home. Make a real feature to any large or small window(s) by combining both curtains and blinds together to create an opulent look.

From decorative poles to functional tracks, we provide it all to compliment your curtains with our extensive range to choose from. So, how do you create the perfect mix and match with curtains and blinds?


A natural but subtle texture will allow you to gracefully match up your blinds and curtains. A soft, yellow blind matched with a deeper yellow will allow just enough contrast for your windows to look elegant and stylish.

Using a combination of colours from the same group will add a touch of glamor and tradition to your home if correctly chosen.


When introducing new patterns into your home, what better place to start than your windows? Curtains are the perfect excuse to add a feature to your room whilst the blind should stay neutral. The only advice we can give you to get this balance right is to make sure the blind has a touch of colour similar to that of the patterned curtain. As for the curtain pole, a simple black or silver colour would ensure that you don’t draw attention away from the beautiful curtain designs you have chosen.

Bay windows

If your bay window doesn’t have a window sill, we advise using long curtains with blinds at the back. We love neutral colours such as earthy browns, sage greens and pastel blues with a subtle texture coupled with beige blinds to keep things classy and simple.

Bay windows are a great excuse to create a focal point in your home, so choose wisely and do your research properly.


Different fabric types can create a layered element to your window feature. We love a velvet feel curtain on a cotton base which will allow you to create a comforting yet peaceful room.

Velvet always looks luxurious in purples, silvers and navy blues so we suggest sticking to these colours to make your interiors look traditional and classic.

Make sure the curtain itself has other, lighter colours combined within it if you are coupling it up with another shade from the main fabric. This is so that it creates a barrier for the colours that sit within the same family and contrast nicely when set against each other.

Check your style

A word of advice, if you are trying to create a new look with furniture you have already purchased, make sure you shop around to get the perfect colour combinations between your blinds, curtains and current furniture.

Why not come and speak to a member of the Brookside team for more information about creating your perfect interiors. Click here for further information.