Summer interior trends 2020

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As we start to welcome the warm weather, now is the perfect time to update your home with a refreshed look.

You can easily transform your home on any budget and create a relaxing and bright vibe. The key is not to overdo a theme but to keep it simple and add neutral accents with colourful accessories to give a contemporary but vibrant look to your home.

Read our tips for creating a summer haven in your home.

Bringing the outdoors in

Over the last few months, we have learnt to appreciate the outdoors more than ever.

This year’s key trend is all about nature. If you are looking to update your home this summer, look no further than sprucing up your home by adding in some new flooring. We stock a variety of wood effect flooring to give a natural look and many of our ranges are in actual fact made with natural products such as paper, seas grass and other natural fibres.

The great thing about wood effect flooring is that it will go with any colour scheme or decor. Earthy tones create a spacious feel as well as giving that feeling of the outdoors.

Window decor

When buying curtains, many people will buy heavy drapes to keep the chill out in the colder months. Heavier fabric looks luxurious and helps to give you privacy from the outside world.

However, warmer weather calls for a lighter fabric, so why not use summer as the perfect time to replace with something lighter and cooler.

Think about fabrics such as gauze or something sheer to give you some privacy but also allows air circulation and light.


Just by changing the accessories within your home can give a whole new feel to a particular room and doesn’t have to break the bank.

By bringing in natural elements, it can help lift the tone and feel of your space and make it feel bright, airy and bigger. Woven baskets are great storage ideas for shoes, blankets or toys and add an earthy and natural tone or you could try neutral candlesticks, bowls and vases to enhance a room and make it feel more homely. 

If you have decided to go for earthy tones on your walls, floors or sofas, brighten up the room using vibrant cushions or throws.


Summer can mean only one thing, brighter lights and letting the sun in. This may be a perfect time to change your lighting. 

Change your warm white bulbs for bright white to allow your home to look brighter, even when the sun sets. If you have large objects in the window, move them elsewhere to allow as much natural light into the room.

If you don’t have a very big window in your room, why not think about adding in some mirrors to reflect the light and allow the room to look brighter and bigger. Alternatively, why not invest in some new lighting to change the feel of the room.

A cheap but effective way to freshen up your home for the summer is to add a fresh fragrance to your home.

Look for bright, clean, summer smells such as citrus, floral or linen in the forms or either candles, air fresheners or diffusers, they are a great way to give that ‘just cleaned’ feel to any room.

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