Spring home trends for 2020

Lisa Scott Uncategorized

Before splurging lots of money on unnecessary items, there are many ways that you can change the decor in your home to give it a completely different feel. Many of them are affordable and easy to change.

If you are looking for some inspiration to update your home this spring, here at Brookside we show you what the top trends for home decor in 2020.

Floral wallpaper

If the thought of floral wallpaper reminds you of your Grandma’s kitchen in the 1970’s, it may not be an obvious choice when updating your home. These days wallpapers are a lot more trendy and come in a variety of colours and prints. 

This year see’s watercolours, pastels and loud, bold floral prints making a huge comeback. Floral’s can create a soft and romantic interior and make a great choice for a bedroom. If you fancy a bolder print, this is a good option for a feature wall in a dining room or lounge.

Wallpaper is a great way to transform a room in just a few hours. Despite its bad reputation, these days, wallpaper is easy to hang and some do not even require paste but are self adhesive to the wall.


Plants are a cheap and easy option to give our homes a new lease of life. They not only make rooms look homely but they can also make them more inviting and pleasing to the eye. They are known for their calming and harmonious environment.

Houseplants are also beneficial to our health and give off oxygen and help remove chemicals that can build up within the home. They are also known to help ease symptoms of asthma. Adding a plant or two into your home, can add a sense of freshness and bring the outdoors, inside.

However, if you struggle to keep a real plant alive, an artificial one can have the same impact of adding some fresh greenery to your chosen room.


If you fancy a quick style upgrade on a budget, why not think about changing your curtains? They can instantly transform or enhance an interior with a visual impact.

Most people’s favourite part of spring is the smell of fresh grass and flowers.  So why not let the spring breeze drift into your home with lightweight voile curtains which will see you through until summer.

Mesh or net type fabrics are perfect for allowing gentle movement and a frame for your window or patio doors. You can get these types of fabrics in lots of colours so will suit any home colour scheme.

Cosy fabrics

Throws are set to be a key trend for 2020 with velvet top of the list. Throws can have a big impact on a room. If you have a neutral colour scheme, a bright, luxurious throw can add plenty of depth and colour to a room. They provide the perfect level of warmth for the spring months, so ensure you always have one to hand.

Cushions are another great way to add another dimension to your chosen room. They can be a cheap option to update a room if you fancy a change. Update old cushion covers with brighter colours and different textures. Don’t be scared to mix up the sizes of your cushions, they can add extra comfort to your sofa.

If you want to update your home this spring, visit our showroom where we have a wide selection of curtains and soft furnishings to bring a new lease of life to your home.