Keeping carpets clean and maintained during the Coronavirus

Lisa Scott Uncategorized

Many people are using their time away from work during the Coronavirus to give their homes a spring clean. 

Hygiene is on most people’s list of priorities at the moment and whilst people are disinfecting their way through their homes, one of the most common items that is forgotten about, is carpets.

Vacuuming alone, will not kill germs or bacteria that live within your carpet fibres and whilst there is no evidence to suggest that Coronavirus can be transmitted from fabrics to humans, it is a good and preventative measure to ensure that your soft surfaces are thoroughly cleaned to prevent germs and other nasties living beneath the surface. It’s especially important if you have pets or children that play on the floor.

Protecting your carpets

The first rule of keeping a clean and hygienic carpet is to avoid wearing outdoor shoes in the house. We are all guilty of ‘nipping’ out to grab the washing in our slippers, but this can bring in hundreds of unwanted germs and bacteria’s.

Whilst vacuuming alone doesn’t kill germs and bacteria, it does help to keep your carpets clean on a daily basis by picking up any leftover debris that gets transferred through the house. You can pick up some good vacuum cleaners these days which won’t break the bank.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is probably the most safest and effective way to kill germs hidden within your carpet fibres. The heat from the steam will be able to kill off any bacteria and germs which detergents and other solutions cannot do.

Steam is by far the safest option to choose when deciding to clean your carpets. Not only does it kill off deadly viruses but it also keeps your carpets soft and smelling fresh. The colour will not fade and the fibres will not be harmed. 

The best thing about using a steam cleaner on your floor is that it doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, which is especially good if you have allergies, children or pets.


If you do not own a steam cleaner there are other ways of cleaning your carpets in a safe and effective way.

If you decide to clean your carpets or rugs yourself, you should ensure that you use a white or neutral coloured cloth as any coloured cloth may transfer the colour to your carpet. 

When it comes to shampooing your carpet by hand, it may be tempting to scrub aware but by using full force, you may damage the fibres in your carpet. A slow and soft circular motion is usually the best way to avoid any damage.

It is best to use a solution that is suitable to your carpet, for example if you have a wool carpet, you can buy specialist cleaners for these specific fibres. You may be tempted to buy a budget cleaning solution but if you want your carpet to be clean and rid of germs, it is best to buy a high end brand and follow the instructions carefully.

If you need further advice on how to keep your carpets looking fresh, clean and brand new, speak to one of our sales advises who will be happy to offer help and advice.