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How to decorate your home for Christmas

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For those who celebrate Christmas, it is one of the most special times of year. Spending quality time with family and friends and sharing many warm memories. 

This year, we have identified our favourite Christmas decorating ideas that will appeal to anyone who enjoys this time of year.

The look

For many, updating the interior decor is the first step in spreading the festive cheer. For many, the living room is the main gathering place for Christmas. Once you have the Christmas tree decorated and the wreath hung on your front door, next on your agenda should be decorating the rest of the home. This includes the exterior.

Warm white fairy lights are key to setting the stage for a warm mood. Create a seamless look throughout the room by using the same kind of lighting on the Christmas tree, the fireplace, door frames and even the windows. Try wrapping seasonal foliage such as holly, ivy or berry branches around the light cords. You can even use dried twigs to bring in an outdoor winter element.

You could also try placing a variety of pillar candles in creams and off-whites in a staggered configuration on the coffee table or mantle piece, or glass hurricane vases filled with colourful Christmas ornaments for a different effect.


Create a warm and cosy environment to encourage friends and family to relax and reminisce about past celebrations. Choose soft fabrics, including Christmas themed throws, cushions and decorative items in living rooms. Use large solid coloured pillows as a background for smaller decorated pillows on chairs and sofas. 

Thick throw blankets in deep reds, greens and creams work well too and you could try mixing and matching colours and patterns to create a signature look.


Scents are another way to wow your family and friends over the festive season. Seasonal scents such as pine, cranberry, gingerbread and cinnamon are just a few options for candles, diffusers and air fresheners. 

Seasonal florals, baked goods and Christmas spices with scented-oil warmers make a welcoming smell. Try placing them on side tables, shelves and dressers. Try adding pinecones in a statement bowl on a coffee table with a few drops of oil for a long lasting fragrance.


Most of the times these are forgotten but by adding decorations to the windows it can create a nice and magic atmosphere. You can add lights, stencil or if you have got a quite wide window sill, some nice candles too! You can also add some ribbons of different length with colours that match your interior decor.


The kitchen and dining area are other important rooms to decorate. Especially if you are going to host dinner parties, your table will be the main focal point. Enhance your table with a nice Christmas centrepiece that can be made with many different elements such as seasonal flowers, pines, candles and lights too. This will give a nice welcome to your guests when they sit down. 

A tablecloth and napkins are a great way to decorate the kitchen. If you like you can also introduce some small hanging wreaths in some of the kitchen units.

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