Get cosy this New Year with a new carpet

Lisa Scott Uncategorized

With Christmas on the horizon, most of us are putting the finishing touches to our homes and getting ready for the festive break.

With most of the time being spent at home, after the celebrations have ended, many of us enter into the New Year wanting to make some changes around the home.

A carpet can be a big investment and that is why the team here at Brookside are on hand to give you a hand in choosing your next carpet.

Which room?

The first question you need to ask yourself is; ‘which room do I want to replace the carpet in?’ If you are looking to freshen up a daily used room such as the lounge, stairway or hallway, you should choose a more durable carpet that will last longer given the high traffic that passes through. It is best to go for a fibre synthetic carpet as these will be easier to clean rather than woven or wool carpets.

If you are looking to replace the carpets in your bedroom, this is often where you can add a touch of luxury. With less traffic, you could look for a deeper pile which adds a touch of elegance and has a relaxing and plush feel.  

Invest in quality underlay

Underlay is probably not something that you spend much time to thinking about. You might think that underlay is underlay, but some of the manufacturers that we work with produce 60 or 70 different types of underlay.

It is easy to underestimate underlay, but it is very important. It has a number of key functions. It provides insulation, under floor comfort and heating, and has fantastic sound protection properties. It also helps to tackle any uneven floorboards and most importantly, it supports carpet from the back. 

There is no point putting down a brand new good quality carpet if the underlay underneath is no good, so choose wisely and if you are unsure, the team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Choose a carpet that fits your family

If you have children or pets and are worried about your carpets getting dirty or stained, then there are some tricks of the trade that you can exploit. For example, ensure you choose a colour blend or fairly dark coloured carpet, although dark colours will enhance any bits whereas light colours will show up any stains or marks. Therefore if you have a large family aim for the darker end of the spectrum, and cover the bits with a two tone effect.

Plain or pattern?

Carpets these days are designed to last. You will find that you rarely need to change your carpet because it has worn out but most likely because you feel like a change. When choosing your carpet, you need to think whether you will still like it in 5-10 years time.

Striped and pattern carpets are very on trend at the moment.  However, you shouldn’t be tempted to choose a carpet purely because that pattern is “in fashion”. It might look nice now, but will it look as good in three years time?

Over half of carpets sold are beige. Whilst you might want to choose something with a bit more colour than beige, it is the case that middle of the road, plain, mid colour ranges stand the test of time. Why not add a little something to the beige by choosing a carpet with flecks of colours in it. This is a good choice as it will hide any marks or stains.

If you are considering changing your carpet, why not visit our showroom where we have plenty of carpets to choose from. Our friendly team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.