What is Natural Flooring?

Laura Bellamy Tips and Advice

The interior fashion of natural flooring dates back for centuries and is always in fashion. Dependant on the manufacturer of course, this flooring is economically friendly, hardwearing and sustainable to cope with the daily foot fall of any home.

With so many different types of natural flooring to choose from it can often be a challenge to know what’s what and which is most suitable for the needs of your home.

Natural carpets are beautifully made from fibres of plants and leaves which have been dried in tropical and exotic environments.

Most natural flooring is made from tough fibres, but some are more durable than others. We have put together the pros and cons of popular natural flooring types which will give you some food for thought when buying your carpet.


Sisal carpets are versatile and hardwearing and ideal for living rooms. Using a sisal carpet in high traffic areas such as halls and stairs will ensure your carpet lasts longer than other carpet types such as synthetic carpets. You can choose from textured chunky sisals or fine sisal which are detailed and softly tactile.

Sisal is a very popular carpet type and as such there are many types of Sisal carpets including: Sisal tweed, Sisal bubbleweave, sisal metallics, sisal basketweave, sisal big basket, sisal malay and sisal hopscotch and this is only the names of a few.


Jute carpets are hand-harvested from the tiliaceae plant and this type of carpet is extremely soft. It’s ideal for relaxing rooms such as bedrooms but is not as sustainable as sisal carpets due to it’s softness so placing this carpet in high traffic areas may not be ideal.

Jute carpets come in a variety of colours. These colours are usually earthy neutral colours such as brown, green and beige however if you want a bigger range of colours there are some suppliers out there that do make them. Available colours include reds, blues and yellows.


Coir comes crafted from India and is made of coconut husks to create a hardwearing, rustic floor. Rich and robust, coir is versatile in where it can be used. We advise using this in high traffic areas like hallways and porches to ensure you have resilient carpet that will last much longer than most other natural carpet types such as wool.

The Indian coconut husk fibres used to make the perfect carpet and to get the best results it is softened in sea water to create the luxurious texture it holds. 

Coir carpets are available in bleached and unbleached tones and spread warmth throughout the house due to its vibrant golden colour.


Alternative natural flooring can be hard to come by but if you are looking for something a little different then this will definitely catch your eye.

Grown on the banks of Vietnamese rivers, Seagrass is luxuriously textured but what do you expect from something that has been grown is such tropical environments?

Perfect in relaxing rooms such as bedrooms and livings rooms with its light and tropical feel. Seagrass may not be as tough as other natural carpets, but it certainly adds an effortlessly luxurious feel to any room with its bright colour and light fibres.

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