Tips for small spaces and large spaces

Top tips for decorating small and large spaces

Laura Bellamy Tips and Advice

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to create the perfect balance when you have a small or a large space to fill in your home. Here at Brookside we have come up with some top tips to create the perfect combination between cosy and comforting.

Small Spaces

It’s not always easy to find a balance between cosy and cramped if you haven’t got much space to play with, but there’s always that one room in your home that needs some tactful thinking when it comes to being small.

Light it up

The use of lights makes everything seem less cluttered – there’s nothing worse than a dark and gloomy space. We suggest overhanging lights above tables and quirky styled lamp shades on side tables, which could become a great feature in a small room.

Clear the clutter

Getting rid of any clutter within your home will make any room feel bigger. Take away layers of ornaments and rugs as this will maximise the space you live in. Make sure the room is stripped of bulky furniture and curtains. Instead take a look at industrial style tables and chairs so make your room feel light and airy.

Use mirrors

It is a well-known fact that mirrors make a room look bigger so look for quirky mirrors that contribute to super sizing that small space.


Hardwood or natural flooring can really make a room feel perfectly proportioned. Don’t add rugs or layers to your flooring as this can create a sense of clutter and it takes away from the beauty of the flooring being used solely.


If you have windows in the room – rather than using bulky curtains and poles which would look great in a spacious room – try blinds instead. You can get blinds in a variety of colours and styles to fit your own interiors but a roman blind would supply you with a great option to add a simple, yet classic look to your home.

Large Spaces

Make it comfy

The comfier the better and with comfort comes lots of layers. Use throws and velvet style sofas to fill large living rooms that will instantly make your home feel cosier.

Use plants

This year patterned plants and bringing the outdoors inside has been at the top of everyone’s interiors shopping list and it isn’t going away any time soon. Make sure you situate large plants in rooms with lots of space to create a tropical haven.

Bulky furniture

Choose oversized furniture such as a large chaise to go with your sofa or an upholstered ottoman which will take up floor space rapidly and will close any gaps that are in need of being covered.

A quick tip for buying furniture is to invest in rounded sofas that have larger arms to cover more floor space.


Thick, quality curtains will create a feature in any room and should be the first thing on your list. This will create an additional layer to your room without breaking the bank. Add decorative poles that will create the perfect look to hang your curtains from.


Free standing, large corner lamps will allow you to add additional dimension to comfortably fill larger spaces within your home without it looking too cluttered. Lights are also well known for creating a sense of comfort so use them to your advantage in large spaces.


Layering rich colours within any living space on top of neutrals will create a sense of classic comfort with a traditional twist.