Rol lite Motorised Blinds

The Rol-lite blinds motorised range

Laura Bellamy Tips and Advice

Window blinds have been around in the UK since 1796 to block out light from rooms and have since become so advanced that you can now buy motorised blinds which are extremely convenient.

Here are five reasons why the Rol-lite blinds could have a positive impact in your home.

  1. Motorised blinds can be operated via a wall control panel or remote control and provide a fantastic addition to any home. Not only are Rol-lite blinds extremely convenient to anyone but it is a practical support for a home designed to aid people with disabilities.
  2. Rol-lite electric blinds are so technologically advanced that they can be managed using your smart phone, Amazon Alexa and Hive. Many other apps are also being developed to incorporate a tool where they can be automated from anywhere at any time. Giving you the flexibility to be out an about but keep your home safe.This amazing technology means you can close your blinds If you are going to be out of the house longer than expected, whilst on holiday or even open them via your smart phone so that you can wake up in natural day light.
  3. Save energy with these unique electrical blinds – They can be timed to open and close at specific times to reduce solar heat gain, which we think is a fantastic way of keeping those expensive energy costs to a complete minimum. Solar heat gain is when some rooms in your home get hotter than others. It is the radiation produced by the sun when objects are hit by direct sunlight. The amount of heat that is absorbed or passes through a window is called solar heat gain.
  4. The new rechargeable motorised blinds require no hard wiring and minimum maintenance giving you confidence that they require little effort to look after. Rol-lite blinds keep up with all technological developments whilst being kept simple for the end user. Once you have purchased your electrical blinds full technical support is available and on hand to support you when you need it which means you can be safe in the knowledge that you will always be looked after once you have purchased the blinds.
  5. The Rol-lite electrical blinds come in different colours and styles including: aluminium venetian blinds, panel blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, vision blinds and pleated blinds. Meaning you can still keep your home stylish whilst having one of the most technically advanced blinds on the market.

The decadent designs of the Rol-lite electrical blinds will be a key feature in any room and will be a talking point when you invite guests over to your home.

To find out more about Rol-lite blinds or for advice on how to get the best out of your home contact us today here.