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How to match poles with curtains

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Curtains can feature prominently in pretty much every room in the home. From the bedroom, living room, study, and kitchen – even bathrooms have are turning to curtain decor. The colours, patterns and styles you choose is essential. However, curtains are actually quite complex – with different lengths, ways to hang them, styles, tracks and poles – where do you start? Here are some handy tips on how to make your windows stand out.

How to match poles with curtains

An ill-fitting curtain pole could ruin the aesthetics of any room. We love using minimalist curtain fabric and bold coloured curtain poles. However, there is lots of exciting fabrics, textures and poles available to mix and match together depending on the style you want to achieve.

Scandi style

Scandinavian style is a continuing trend from last year and we predict it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. To get the desired Scandinavian style windows this year, we suggest simply adding stonewashed linen curtains with bleach wood poles. This will create a fresh, clean look ready for spring.

Cool Copper

Rose gold and copper shades are everywhere this year. Mixing a copper pole with in-style pastel colours will really draw attention to your windows. Bold copper shades mixed with soft-on-the-eye pastels will set the right contrast, not just for spring but for the whole year.

Magic Metallics

There’s something about using metallic colours that sets a rich tone to any living space. There’s two ways you can use this style to get it right for spring. The first way is to have a grand metallic pole with tulip shaped ends – hang dusty blue fabric with a slight sheen and it will create the perfect look in a minimalist room. For a simpler, less harsh metallic style choose pastel colours such as greys and chalky pink fabrics to tone down the look.

Totally Traditional

Modern industrial trends are hot this year – use a black pole with rich white fabric and it will bring this trend to life when decorating your windows. Not only is this style on-trend this year but it is great for people on a budget!

Add some industrial furniture such as wooden draws and shelves to your interiors and bring this look to life.

Elaborate Exotic

Patterned plants have been high on Pinterest’s 100 top trends for 2018 and we can’t ignore it. To get this style on point use heavy weight, chunky, wooden poles and hang elaborate fabric from it full of patterned plants and exotic animals to create your own exotic haven.

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