Different types of blinds

Different types of blinds and their uses

Laura Bellamy Tips and Advice

Blinds are a great way of controlling light into your interiors; they offer a range of designs and styles to suit all tastes.

Whether you are looking to enhance you living space with stylish new blinds or create a specific look for your home, you must consider all the types of blinds to ensure you make the right decision.

We have put together a list of the different types of blinds and their uses for your home to give you an insight on what will suit you.


Find your perfect style with a venetian blind. Classic and versatile, this option will provide the perfect control over the light that will come into your home.

This type of blind also offers complete privacy into your home meaning you can open and close them to suit your mood. With a choice of colours, finishes and accessories you will be sure that this blind gives you a bespoke finish creating a unique space within your interiors. Venetian blinds are perfect for most rooms within your home and dependant on the material they are made from, can usually sustain humid environments such as the bathroom.


Roller blinds are simple yet stylish and allow you to choose from a fabulous range of colours and textures.

This blind style will allow you to give your home a beautiful modern finish with its simplicity which can be adapted to each room. Most roller blinds are water resistant and can be accessorised with a whole host of options so that you can make each room in your home unique to you. Roller blinds look fantastic in every room of the house and are suitable for bathrooms due to their water resistant material. This also means they are easy to clear with a wet fabric cloth, reducing dust accumulating on the fabric.


Vertical blinds are stylish yet practical. We love using vertical blinds in a kitchen/ dining area so that you can get the lighting just right to fit the mood within your home.

Vertical blinds are made to measure so you can be sure they will fit to the exact specifications you are looking for. Although they don’t come in a variety of colours like other blind types, they certainly look modern against a patio door or in a living room. 

Roman Blinds

Treat your windows with these stylish, fully lined fabric blinds which add a touch of indulgence into your home.

Add class and style to your windows with Roman blinds that will allow you to transform your space into an on trend sanctuary just for you to put your feet up, relax and enjoy your surroundings. Roman blinds offer a choice of linings and accessories which delivers an exclusive finish every time. These blinds are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms or anywhere in your home that would look great with a touch of luxury.

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