Decorating ideas for children's bedrooms

Decorating ideas for children’s’ bedrooms

Laura Bellamy Tips and Advice

Redesigning your children’s bedrooms can only mean on thing – MAYHEM.

From them wanting to get involved to the cost and all the while still trying to make your home look stylish is often a challenge most parents dread. However, with a little help and some decorating hacks we can make the process much smoother for all involved.

So, where do you start and how can you ensure the cost doesn’t pile up? We take you through some of our top tips from a lick of paint or wallpaper as the case may be, to storage solutions which will help you escape the mayhem.

Make the space multi-functional

Children like to get stuck into everything so making sections of their room for different tasks will give you much more functionality, space and organisation.

Areas to think about are sleeping, being creating, playing and possibly a space to do school work (if they don’t already do that at the kitchen table).

Think about simple storage solutions too which will help keep the space tidy even when they are running around using every toy possible.

Other furniture items to think about to make your child’s space functional are bedside tables, a desk and some chairs to take the emphasis of always making the bed sheets creased and untidy.


You want the bedroom to look homely so although you may want a nice, clean and tidy house – it’s much nicer for your child to have their own space and so often it helps them take responsibility if they have some input into what goes into their room.

Make a statement with the use of wallpaper and bring some character to your room. From colourful designs and creative textures we have everything you need to make your children’s space a creative, fun and educational one.

Be practical

Think carefully about the flooring you are going to use. A solid wood flooring may be practical for a child who wants to paint everything however, maybe not great as a slipping hazard. Carpets can often get ruined with a heavier footfall likely to happen in your children’s bedrooms. So, what’s the answer?

Our advice here would be to choose something water resistant such as nylon. Avoid velvet or plush styles and maybe even consider a type of natural flooring as they are often more resistant to damage.

Control the light

If you want a lie in, make sure you choose blackout curtains that will help your little ones have a good night’s sleep, even if the sun rises earlier in the morning.

This is where your child could have some input on the way their bedroom will look as you can choose your own style from our base in Market Harborough. This will allow you to enhance your home with a large range of fabrics while adding a touch of style – possibly even chosen by your children.

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