Choosing a rug

Choosing a Rug

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When choosing a rug, size is as critical as colour, and texture.

Rugs can be a significant investment, and therefore it is important to consider the size and the room you are using it for before you get in to the design details. Although, it is usually the design details that will capture the eye! Our consultants here at Brookside are trained to help you, but do remember to measure your available space so that we can advise you on the best rugs for your home.

In a dining room, or kitchen, the size of the table is important. The chairs and table need to be sitting clearly on the rug, even when pulled away from the table. For instance, a 4×6 foot table would probably need a rug of approximately 6×12 feet. In the living room, are the chairs and furniture going to sit on the rug? If so, at the least the front legs of all the furniture should be sitting on it, to create unity of space.

As a general rule, the rug should be as large as you can fit, in a hard boarded room, with the obvious decision to keep walkways clear if necessary. Choosing the style – be it close tufted wool, shag pile, or natural webbing, the lifestyle of the room must now be considered. In a living room, comfort, style, colour and luxury may be more important than the dining room, where practicality of dealing with food stains, and perhaps pattern to bring the room to life underneath the plain wooden table and chair legs, is going to be more of a necessity. In general, a plain background scheme can take a more playful use of colour and texture. A heavily decorated room, perhaps with a layered palette of curtain and sofa fabric, might need something from our more neutral range.

If environmental concerns are uppermost in your mind, speak to us about our natural flooring options. Our consultants can take you through the whole range we offer, and help work with your ideas to find the right rug for your room, your décor, and your budget. Call us on 01858433334 to get started.

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