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6 Tips to Spice Up a Neutral Colour Palette

David Williams Tips and Advice

More and more of us are bringing in a more modern look in our homes and this may mean using more neutral tones. 

Here are our tips on how to spice up your neutral colour palette so your home can stay modern but with a hint of colour. This can be as easy as arranging a few colourful orange throws or pillows on a beige sofa.

Your home doesn’t have to look so bland to be modern. 

Warm Wood Tones

One way to warm up your home interior is to bring some wood furnishings into it. A well-placed wood table, chair or shelving unit can make all the difference. It will ensure a white space feels less monochromatic. Wood furniture also adds a lot of interest into your home furnishings, while providing useful storage space, seating, or other functions.

Neutral Colours

Neutral tones don’t only have to be whites, blacks and beiges. You can bring in other soft and warm tones too that compliment these colours. Try using a hue tone, like a soft pink, sage green, or blue. This will maintain the desired neutral effect but add some life to your decor. 

Patterned Rugs

A patterned rug can work wonders in a home environment. A striking patterned rug is a great addition to spice up a neutral room. Find the right rug and you can be sure it will add personality and interest into your home decor. It will also assist in defining the space of the room.


You can consider bringing in metallics to spice up your colour palette. Metallics add instant drama to a setting. You can even start by bringing in soft metallic features, such as light fixtures. They will have a strong visual impact. You can brighten up your home decor by bringing in copper, chrome, gold or silver accessories and incorporating these tones into your furnishings.

Accent Furnishings

Add in a stunning accent feature into your home decor. This could be a high style accent piece, and is something that can go a long way towards adding excitement into a neutral room. Try to choose something colourful that is one of a kind, with an interesting silhouette. It will definitely help break up a neutral colour palette.

Leather & Texture

Finally, you can try to incorporate leathers and textures into your home environment. Whether this is through a comfy sofa or stylish chairs, layers of cozy leathers and textures can warm up a neutral room. Alternatively, you can bring in textured wallpaper, or add throws, blankets, pillows, and other accessories to add interest to a room.

Brookside Carpets are happy to help you find the perfect furnishings and accessories to spice up your neutral colour palette. All you need to do is either pop into our store, or get in touch on 01858 433 334.