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Autumn home trends for 2020

David Williams Seasonal

As autumn approaches, now is the perfect time to update your home with cosy and stylish decor ready for the colder weather and darker nights.

Whether you are looking for a major overhaul of your home or just the addition of a few key changes, you can set a new mood with ease.


When it comes to texture, the new trend is for ‘boucle’. This fabric is super soft and will bring warmth to any space.  Made from looped yarns and available in a wide range of colours, feel free to add throws, cushions, bedding and pouffes to your room this season for a warm and cosy feel.

Cane and rattan doesn’t just belong outside. It is a popular choice of material for the inside of a home at the moment.  It has a webbed structure and feels naturally light and less flat than some other natural-inspired furniture finishes. Add a cane inspired bedside table or coffee table to your home for some added texture.


If you are planning a makeover of an entire room then choosing a colour can sometimes be confusing. 

When starting out, pick three colours to start with. You should choose a main colour which will go on the wall or maybe in your upholstery. You then want to pick a contrast colour, as well as a highlight.

If you feel stuck or have no inspiration, we advise you to look at fabrics and accessories that you like as well as colours, and use them for stimulation. If you are still feeling overwhelmed, why not pop into our Market Haborough showroom, where our staff will be more than happy to help.

Colours that are predicted to be on trend this Autumn are soft pinks and blues with mint greens.

Once you have an idea of your colour scheme, buy tester pots to try out on your walls. If you are not feeling brave enough to paint the walls these colours, why not opt for a bright piece of furniture such as an occasion chair or invest in coloured throws and cushions.


Flooring trends for 2020 are all about simple solutions. Colours such as grey or beige are combined with different interior styles. The beauty of these colours is their practicality and ability to blend into many colour schemes.

There is a new trend in flooring called fuming. To achieve this type of look, wood flooring is exposed to ammonia fumes in a sealed chamber. The ammonia then reacts with the wood fibres which generally imbue the wood a rich, dark tone.

Waterproof flooring is the perfect solution for large families, people with pets, and homeowners who enjoy entertaining. There are emerging options in vinyl, laminate, and even carpet.


2020 sees the comeback of the wallpaper. However, gone are the days of boring floral and stripe patterns, now it is time for wallpaper to take the centre stage in homes. 

Wallpaper is all about bold patterns and warm colours. Look for different textures such as 3D, wicker and cork. Whilst traditional floral prints are out, bold and botanicals are hot right now. Geometrics and shapes are also set to be popular this autumn. 

If you are looking to update your home and are lacking inspiration, why not visit our showroom in Market Harborough. Our friendly staff will be on hand to help and give advice. To book a visit, contact us on 01858 433 334 or email us at