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Once your curtains have been hung there may be some creases or pressure marks. These will normally fall out quickly after hanging in a warm room. The fabric can move around and may shrink and expand depending on the fabric and the atmosphere around them.  If your curtains have dropped or shrunk, we ask you to give them 2-4 weeks for the fabric to settle before we do any adjustments.

Curtain Cleaning

We recommend all lined products are dry cleaned, only as a last resort. Instead try vacuuming with the brush attachment, beating and airing your curtains as cleaning the curtains can make them shrink (see below).  Avoid putting fabric blinds in the washing machine: Over time, this will wear the material down and they may bobble,fade, shrink and distort.


Velvet pile is prone to flattening during transit or cleaning which can show as patches of darker and lighter shade. These marks will usually disappear when the curtains have been hung but it may be necessary to assist by careful steaming and brushing upwards to lift the pile.

Linen and open weave fabrics

Linen and open weave fabrics are not fabrics that are designed to be crisp and straight, these fabrics can move around quite a lot and we would recommend they are either curtains that are touching the floor or roman blinds that sit outside the recess to not highlight the fact that it is not perfectly straight.

Curtain Shrinkage

For washable fabrics, a shrinkage of up to 5% may occur if washing instructions are followed. To reduce the possibility, washable fabrics should be hand-washed, drip dried and ironed in a lengthways direction before fully dry. Shrinkage in any fabric can be minimised if your curtains are dry cleaned.

Caring for your curtains

Vacuum your curtains regularly using the brush attachment, to keep your curtains dirt and dust free.

Regular redressing of the curtains may be required to maintain appearance. This will help the fabric to remain in place. The tightening of the curtains within the tiebacks or hold backs can help the curtains to remain fixed in place but can also cause creasing.

Steaming your curtains in situ can help to remove any creases. Black out linings on your curtains can help to minimise fading caused by sunlight.

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