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Vertical blinds


Vertical blind louvres may be vacuumed using the upholstery attachment. For more intensive cleaning, selected fabrics can be cleaned by hand or in the washing machine.


If the vanes are not sitting the correctly, you can rotate the vanes all one way by pulling on the chain or twisting wand gently until it clicks and then rotate the vanes all the other way and pull gently, then that should re align them.

Roman blinds


Vacuum using the upholstery tool. Avoid putting fabric blinds in the washing machine as they will shrink, bobble and fade.  We do not recommend dry cleaning.


The roman blinds we make comply with British Standards for child safety and are therefore designed to break when a certain amount of pressure is applied. There needs to be a lot of care taken when opening and closing the blinds, otherwise they will break.  Do not over pull the blind on opening as this can cause the toggles to come loose at the back and make the blind wonky. Please do not let the blind down quickly otherwise the handbag clips (that are sewn on the first two rows) will pop off.  You can easily clip the handbag clips back on.  If you pull too hard on the chain, the older version of blinds have breakaway clips and can easily come apart.  You can push the chain back into the breakaway clip if this happens.  With the newer versions of the roman blind headrails, the chains are attached to a cog inside the headrail.  Again, this will pull out if pulled too hard and can be pushed back in with a little force.

Roller blinds


For regular cleaning without having to remove your blind, all you need to do is roll your blind down fully and use your vacuum’s upholstery tool to gently remove dust and dirt. For a deeper clean, wipe in a downward motion from top to bottom using a clean, damp cloth afterwards. Let your blind fully dry before pulling it back up.


To prevent the winding mechanism becoming stiff, lubricate it twice a year with some silicon spray (not the same as WD 40). This will keep things well oiled, ensuring the mechanism runs smoothly with no annoying squeaks.

Venetian blinds, Wood/ Faux Wood and Metal slats

Cleaning slats

Open the blind and taking one slat at a time go over with a soft microfiber cloth to remove dust and dirt.
Open blind the opposite way and repeat process. If you use a slat cleaner this will save time.
Avoid overreaching and pulling on the slats or cords/ tapes.
A damp cloth may be used for any marks on the slats. Rub lightly until the mark lifts, avoid harsh rubbing as this may remove paint or varnish etc. Dry immediately with a dry soft cloth.

Whilst cleaning the slats check cords/ tape for any twist and tangles and gently rectify. Good tip- tumble dryer sheets are good for removing dust and dirt.


Slat will not lower

Bring the cord /tape level with the head rail and pull gently, if this does not work remove the blind from the window frame and push the locking pin in the head rail to disengage the locking mechanism.

Head rail/ gearing problems

If the blind is not pulling up and down very smoothly you can lightly spray a silicone lubricant down the head rail into the gearing. Only use quick short bursts to prevent any excess of silicone.

Pleated blinds

Clean using a clean, dry duster. Be careful not to damage the pleats by pressing too hard. Use a hairdryer to blow debris off the back of roof blinds and then vacuum with an upholstery attachment.

Using a damp, non-abrasive cloth dipped in lukewarm water, start from the top and work down the blind. Again, take care to do this gently as some pleated blinds can be more fragile than others. Make sure not to use any fabric conditioner or harsh chemicals that might stain the fabric.

Never soak blinds in the bath: Some materials can be cleaned this way, but you run the risk of rusting the blind mechanism.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

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Cassetted (framed) Dim-out Blinds

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Pleated & Honeycomb Blinds

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Roller Blinds

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