The best colour combinations for bedrooms, carpets and curtains

Lisa Scott Brookside

A bedroom is your personal space for rest and relaxation.  Whether your room is small and compact or big and airy, you will want to make the most of the space you have.

Colour is the most important factor when deciding on a change and for most people; calm and soothing colours are popular and can make you feel restful and relaxed.

Before jumping straight in with a colour on your walls, it is important to factor in carpets, curtains and other accessories to ensure that they harmonise and work well together.

Read on for our top tips when re-decorating your bedroom.


Teal is a perfect colour for a bedroom as it is in the blue-green spectrum making it both calming and eye catching. This luxurious colour can transform your bedroom into a relaxing oasis.

Use it as a feature wall at the back of your headboard to make a striking feature or keep the walls pale and use in your bedding or curtains. 

Teal works well with fresh whites and dusky pinks to give a feminine feel to the room, a neutral coloured carpet will work well and keep the focus on the teal shade.

Botanical vibes

Whether you want to go all out with wallpaper, curtains and carpet, by introducing a pop of green will make you feel at one with nature.

Instead of picking one shade of green, why not use a variety? Mix it up and use light tones against dark for that summery feel.  Mix it in with white and vibrant pink and think about layering up your bed with cushions and throws for that bohemian vibe.

If green on the walls is a bit overpowering, why not add in an upholstered headboard or curtains in a botanical pattern or a splash of vibrant green to bring life into the room.

If you are thinking of changing your carpet, why not go for a brown tone which will work well with any green shade. 

Soothing Greys

Grey rooms, if done properly, can looks timeless and chic. The colour work well with different shades of grey, especially when mixed with different textures such as blankets, throws and cushions. Mix it up with heavy and light fabrics to give a sensual and expensive feeling.

Mix in creams, whites and taupe colours to keep the mood of light and bright within the room.

Greys can give a sophisticated and indulgent look which is perfect for a bedroom. You can decide to keep the room simple with these colours or if you prefer,  you can inject a bold colour such as pink or navy which are a perfect match.

Whilst cream isn’t always an obvious choice for a carpet due to worry that it will stain, a bedroom usually doesn’t see that much traffic, making it a sumptuous choice for a bedroom. Splash out and go for a deep pile or cashmere carpet.

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