Redesign Living Room

Redesigning your Living Areas

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When the time comes to redecorate your living room, there are many choices to make. Are you going to rearrange the room layout? Do you need to make any structural changes, like putting up or pulling down partition walls? Will the colour scheme change? Do you need new furniture? Sometimes refreshing the walls and soft furnishings can radically change the appearance of a room, and existing furniture can look very different with fresh textiles and paint. New colour palettes can be chosen to pick out other colours previously unnoticed.

If you have decided to dramatically change your living areas, and new furniture is part of the plan, then the order of renovation will be the most important consideration. We’d recommend that you decide on the colour scheme and general ambiance you wish to create first. Then work in the order of walls, carpets, and then curtains. Once you have set the background of the new design, your furniture can be chosen to fit into the style you have created.

At Brookside, our consultants will help you decide which colour palettes you have a preference for. Furthermore, we can help you choose from current trends or old classics for your walls, flooring and window dressing.

When trying to imagine a new look to a room, you need help visualising your new living space. At Brookside, we help our customers to create their vision. Browse our large range of products on our website and visit us in store. Our showroom displays a huge range of products and we’re sure to have a style that will suit your taste. These decision are important! You will need to be comfortable with your choices for the next few years!

Here at Brookside we can supply from our wide range of styles, and budgets, and guide you through the process to ensure your final decisions create the stunning room you envisaged.


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