Why Luxury Vinyl Tiles offer a better solution than Ceramic Tiles for your home.

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At Brookside we know that vinyl flooring was once considered the less chic alternative to ceramic flooring. However this is certainly no longer the case. Our most popular products are Amtico and Karndean, and their total versatility, durability and sustainability make them a perfect choice for modern homes.

Creativity and a return to our playful side, is a strong element in this year’s interior design trends. The world has become a bit too serious, and yet peace is on everyone’s lips. Interior design offers us a chance to express ourselves, and at the same time create the home that will give us the peace we crave, surrounded by products that we have personally chosen and which give us pleasure to share with our family and friends.

Amtico and Karndean luxury vinyl versus ceramic may seem a hard choice. However, luxury vinyl does offer some important advantages. Both are hardwearing, but ceramic can chip and the grouting joins can erode over time and look unsightly. Luxury vinyl absorbs hard objects (like dropped cups) better and is far less likely to damage the surface of the flooring.

In terms of sustainability, ceramic tiles are usually discarded and thrown into landfill where they create clouds of toxic dust. Vinyl flooring is recyclable, therefore better in terms of the environmental landfill problems. So you can say you’re doing your bit for the environment, too.

The fitting and installation of luxury vinyl tiles needs less sophisticated tools, and is clean and fast. If there is wear and tear they can be removed and replaced individually, which is one of their outstanding features in terms of versatility, when considered against ceramic flooring.

However, there are now such an outstanding array of shapes, colours and patterns that you’ll need the help and advice of our expert team at Brookside Carpets and Curtains so that you can play with ideas, until you have an individual design perfect for your style. From simple plank to decorative infill designs, the choices are wide-ranging, and this is one of the key attractions of luxury vinyl tiling, along with their ease of repair, of course.

The high quality vinyl floor of today is no longer restricted to a consideration of budget. They are superb products, designed for today’s discerning customers. There are mix of simple designs and more decorative patterns within both Amtico and Karndean ranges, and choices to help those with cost in mind. Whichever route you go down the quality is outstanding, and the choice of designs and colours is dazzling.

Ceramic tiling will always have its place in interior design, but luxury vinyls are becoming the first choice for many of our customers at Brookside. To book a consultation with one of our design experts, contact us on 01858 433334.

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