Interior Design For a Home Sale

Interior Design For a Home Sale

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Selling your home does not need to be stressful. If you have decided to sell your home, you’ll want to attract offers from reliable buyers. To help achieve the best possible price from interested buyers, it is worth taking the time to tidy, declutter, clean, renew and refresh your home before launching it onto the market.

You do not want your home to sit for sale for months. A tidy, clean, and fresh house will always be more attractive to the discerning homebuyer.

A little paint or some feature wallpaper, fresh curtains and a new carpet will showcase your home in the best possible light. Your home will wow viewers with sparkle and freshness. Viewers will feel that they can move in to the home straightaway, with little work required.

It is worth sticking with fairly neutral colours when presenting your home to potential buyers. However, feature wallpaper gives a striking splash of personality that gives viewers a sense of the possibilities. Whilst exciting colour schemes may suit our own preferences, when selling it is usually best to keep things neutral, and light. Dark colours will close down the room and stop the light reaching into corners, making the rooms feel small. Pale, white palettes can give your home a sense of scale and size. Furthermore, light rooms will give a neutral backdrop for buyers to visualise their own furniture in your home.

Bold colours can work when you wish to highlight a feature of a room, such as a chimney stack. Colour wallpapers work brilliantly for bringing a dash of colour and a splash of personality and vibrance.

At Brookside Carpets and Curtains we can advise on the styles that will help you sell your home. We’ll share with you our years of wisdom, what works, and quite frankly what you should avoid!

If you are thinking of moving home, consider taking a little time to present your house in its best possible light. You will reap the rewards of a speedy sale, and a good value.

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