Using Blinds

Choosing The Right Blinds

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The use of blinds has remained popular since humans created windows! From the early wooden shutters, to the contemporary slatted wooden blind – a way to block out sunlight, or create privacy, and yet let in air, has remained in the domain of the blind.

Of course blinds can be fabric, slatted, corded, venetian, roller or Roman. The choice is vast, and the materials, and colours each give a different feeling to your room and to your home. So how do you choose?

Our designers can help you visualise the interior you are trying to create. We’ll help you understand how blinds can work alongside other practical elements of your interior design, such as the window styles, windowsills and how you can use blinds and curtains together.

Blinds are far more versatile than curtains when you wish to let in air, or light in a controlled way. If working with slats or vanes, then they can be tipped up, down or right to left, to control the light or air. In office environments, they have always been popular. However, wooden blinds in your home can create a peaceful simplicity and add to the ambience of your room.

The narrower slats are the most popular, being the most adjustable, but the wider slats can give a more traditional feel. When combined with curtains, the best of both worlds can be achieved.

Blinds have come firmly out of the office closet, and are now considered a serious alternative in the home, so why not pop in to the store, or give us a call, and with the help of our design team at Brookside Carpets, let’s take a look at the vast array of choice, and we will help you create the look you want, with all the possibilities of function a blind can give.


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