Top Interior Design Trends for 2017

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Brookside Carpets and Curtains have interior design consultants that keep abreast of the changes in style that naturally occur each season, and each year.

Design consultants often disagree on the exact trend that is the definitive statement for the year, but we keep ourselves up-to-date with all the trend gossip so that we can help you choose the products you want to live with in your home.

2017 is a year that has the chaos and anger of 2016 in its memory – a year where industrial design, and steely greys were popular in our homes. However there is so much personal variety and choice that even then other designs and colours were creeping into the interior design world.

Perhaps we are feeling closer to nature and to our emotions after events of the past few months and that is something to be really positive about, and something that is being reflected in design trends. Mindfulness and peace are important healing messages, and we want our homes to reflect the sanctuary they should be. The popular minimalist trend of the past can now be modernised with some colours to suit your preference, and soft fabrics and carpets to wrap around you as the summer passes into the autumn.

Yellowy greens, and natural materials sit side-by-side with the current trend for faux fur, and faux leather in an attempt to be kind to our wildlife, but bring the essence of our wildlife in to our homes.

Patterned carpets and tiles are making a strong return to our homes, with the need for playfulness to counteract the serious, hectic side of our lives. From the 1930’s art deco to the vibrant colours of the bazaar – really design and pattern remain an exciting personal choice, but our consultants can guide you once you have enjoyed choosing all the patterns, colours, and textures of your new project.

We are a long-established family company, and we understand our customers, as well as keeping abreast of the modern world.

Summer 2017 is an awake, vibrant time, where people are at the heart of all that matters, and our homes become even more important to return to at the end of our journeys.

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