Natural flooring or carpet

Why choose natural flooring over carpet?

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Whether you’re moving in to your first home or you’re ready for a new carpet, you might be stuck for choice and you don’t know which the best option is to go for is between natural flooring and traditional carpets. We love carpets, but we also love natural flooring and here are our five reasons why you might consider natural …

Wallpaper trends that are set to take off 

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When choosing wallpaper, it can often be a minefield of different colours, textures and ranges to choose from. Whether you are looking to make a statement with a feature wall or create more of a modern look to your interiors, we have you covered! Create a statement Add some character into your home using a feature wall. Feature walls provide …

Lighting styles to make your home beautiful

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What’s more important than light in your home? Whether you want to go for a modern Nordic look or a cute and cosy style we have the tips your need to create the perfect space using light. Here are our five C’s to creating the perfect ambiance in your home. Contemporary If you love contemporary designs for your home, then …

Bedroom Colour Combinations

Colour Combinations for Bedrooms

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  There’s nothing we love more than getting home from work after a long day and going straight into the bedroom to slip on our comfy’s. We believe that you must have a bedroom that promotes relaxation and comfort at any time throughout the year which is why we have come up with our favourite colour combinations for every season. …

Art Deco Comeback

Is Art Deco making a comeback?

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What goes around comes back around – especially with interior design. We love retro designs and we will not deny that we get very excited when new art deco designs take us back to the times when crushed velvet and bright striking designs were cool. So, what statement pieces will you be using to bring a pinch of glamour from …

Wood Floor or Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Wood Flooring or Luxury Vinyl Tiles

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  High quality flooring completes a room. It is important to explore all options before choosing what flooring is right for your home and each room. If you are considering hard flooring over carpet, one of the biggest questions to ask yourself is what is best: wood flooring or luxury vinyl tiles? Our guide helps answer a some of your …

‘Get a little romance in your home’ – current trends

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This romantic style is a restful retreat, layered textures and natural materials such as wood flooring, coir or sisal carpets. Various textiles such as billowing drapes made of rustic linen, fresh crisp white cotton, decadent silk and velvet. Combining all of this with ornate crystal chandeliers and antique guilt furniture. The tones are light with the neutral shades of putty, …

Making a statement with Monochrome

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If you are colour phobic but want to make a statement, then monochrome is for you. This is an interior design style which never goes out of fashion and is timeless. Creating in monochrome is easy to achieve with black and white interior products being in endless supply! This is a strong and bold look, however it needs plenty of …

“Get the look” Pop Art

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Pop art style makes for an unusual and colourful interior design. It emerged in the 1950’s and really challenged fine art traditions. Materials are visually removed from its known context and isolated and combined with unrelated material. The bright colour palette of pop art will immediately spruce up any décor and attract attention, ideal for teenagers which reflect their personalities …